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Introducing the new Apache Cordova simulator

Hello to all,

The Apache Cordova team has launch a new tool in order to test our apps with support for the Apache Cordova plugins. For more information, read the below Apache Cordova's bog entry:

http://cordova.apache.org/howto/2018/02 … ulate.html

Using App Builder we can test and debug our apps using the integrated browser or an external one (AB provide the way to launch our apps in any installed browser). We can also test our apps by attach an device to our computer.

This last is the preferred way, because, certainly, we can test the used Apache Cordova plugins: they are not supported in the browser, then, we can certainly test our apps, but, taking in consideration that the Apache Cordova plugins are not availables.

With the new Apache Cordova simulator tool we can test our apps in the Google Chrome browser with support for the Apache Cordova plugins. What the simulator does is to open a couple of Chrome windows: one for our app, and another for the plugins settings.

Since this new Apache Cordova tool can be useful for us, DecSoft's App Builder prepares now another BAT and SHELL files for every platform, which prepare our app for the appropriate platform and finally launch the Apache Cordova simulator.

Install the Apache Cordova simulator is quite easy, just type this in an console window:

npm install -g cordova-simulate

Once the tool has been installed, you can run the new simulator BAT or SHELL file in order to directly prepare your app for the right platform and then launch it inside the new Apache Cordova simulator tool.

That's all! I hope this can be useful!


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