Ready for the next DecSoft App Builder?

David Esperalta

Hello to all,

I am very proud to announcing you the near availability of the new DecSoft App Builder, in which I am working the last months.

The new DecSoft App Builder has been written from the scratch, and, hopefully you can find it useful to you.

Want a try?

Feel free to download and try the first alpha release of the new DecSoft App Builder, just choose your flavor below:

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If you want to purchase a license of the new DecSoft App Builder with a special launching price, you can do it by using the below button:

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If you have an updated license of DecSoft App Builder, use the below button, which applies an additional 25% off discount to you:

Online help

Maybe you want to take a look at the new DecSoft App Builder online help, please, feel free to do it by pressing the below button:

That's all!

I am very excited with the above news, and, again, I hope that you find the new DecSoft App Builder the IDE that you are wating for.

Please, stay tuned for more news in the near future, I will inform you when the product become available in the DecSoft website.

Thanks for your attention!

John Clarke
Downloaded the Alpha Version so that I could have a look at it. It's looking good.....Can't wait for it..

David Esperalta

Hello John,

Thanks for your post (and your E-Mail, that I want to reply after this post). Yes, please, try the program, and, if you wanted, post here or open a new forum post if needed. Always thanks for your interest in our software, John. :-)

Peter Bradstreet
Hi David, it is looking great. My first question is about compatibility. Will there be a way to import the project that I have been working on in the current AB or will projects need to be started from scratch in the new AB? The second question is about benefits. I have read about your rationale for moving away from AB scripts and actions and can understand your thinking but beyond that, what are the other major changes and benefits of this new approach? Cheers, Pete

David Esperalta

Hello Peter,

Thanks for posting. I am already write something like a "AB to the new AB" or like a "Differences between AB and the new AB"... but finally I did not publish that text in the help nor in other place. Maybe can be good to wait for the possible answers, like your own ones, so we can clarify somethings "by demand", to say like that. :-)

About compatibiliy, of course, this is one of the things in which we think when start the new DecSoft App Builder. As you probably already know, AB saves the backward compatibility always is possible, and, I can't remember too much changes in AB that can break existing apps. So this is something serious to us, and, we want to continue serious with this in the future.

Say that, unfortunately, the answer is "no", with some additonal comments that I want to made. Yes; we think to offer compatibility or at least a way to import the AB projects, however, this is merelly imposible, due to various reasons. Firstly, ok, we must admit it, maybe "imposible" is a big word... but the work that can require, and, more important, the sacrifices, made our decision to made the new DecSoft App Builder no compatible with the previous generation.

We can talk about the actions vs. Javascript code. But we can also talk about that AB uses AngularJS, which is not compatible (ask to Google!) with Angular2, and, in fact we don't want to use this framework, but what we choose this time: VueJS. The app generated code, as you can see, is a complete different animal. Works in a very similar way, because the similarities between AngularJS and VueJS, but, it's an entire animal. AB produces good apps, we work in one of them that is quite large (more than 300 views and hundrends of HTTP Clients, for example), without any problem, but, the apps produced by the new AB... just take a look, Peter.

They are better for various reasons, for example, there is no more global variables, except if we wanted it. The code is more isolated, and, can be accessed in a more convenient way, using their containers: we can refer to an specific control in an specific view. This means, for example, that the controls can have now the same name, if they are placed in different views, dialogs or frames. The app views are then "isolated", and, their controls are not mounted until we show the view: in AB the controls are not mounted until the view is show, but, their variables are initialized anyway, no matter if that controls are used later or not.

AB uses lot of thirdparty components. Too much, in my opinion (of course, I say this years after the start of development of AB...). We have nothing against thirdparty components, but, don't want to follow the same design in the new DecSoft App Builder, which uses their own components (VueJS components written by us), and, of course continue using thirdparty stuff, but, with more cautions. This, alone, made a very difficult thing to prepare something like a "project importer" from AB to the new AB, because we don't want to use that stuff in our new AB apps...

On the other hand, and said the above (not without some furious, because we are not happy to break any compatibility), the new DecSoft App Builder IDE uses some invincible components like the apps designer, continue to use "dock panels" (in a better way, avoiding the usage of modal dialogs, so we can work in various task "at the same time"), the editor is similar... you can reach the controls events in the same way, etc. What this mean is that the new AB is similar to AB, I think, specially for an AB user. You can find several things that are made in the same way, so you don't start from the scratch... even when the IDE has been written from the scratch.

Something important to be added here, anyway, is that I don't plain to abandond the development of the current DecSoft App Builder. Not at all. The IDE continue their development the time that we consider enough, so, don't worry about this question: we want to maintain AB updated and supported, even when, of course, the new AB can consume our resources now too, but anyway, the idea is that, if you already develop one app using AB (and I am developing some of them right now), you can continue using AB without worries, in fact, we are talking about an IDE with years of development, well tested, well proved and very stable, I think, with my experience developing the app that I am talking about and others too.

So, only if you plain to start a new app... maybe you can consider to move to the new DecSoft App Builder. Or maybe because you want to change (that's the purpose of my work in the new AB, that you WANT to change!)... as I said before, lot of things are made in a very similar manner, so, you can find more or less comfortable (I hope more...) developing the app with the new IDE. Maybe you can start slowly, step by step... remember that our software can be tested without limitations in time nor characteristics, so, you can start step by step, and, with the time, you can get your app working with the new IDE.

Ok... I think can be enough for this post... please, go ahead if you have any other question, Peter.

David Esperalta

Hello to all,

I want to post here some changes and enhancements in the "alpha" release of the new DecSoft App Builder. I want to use new posts in the future, but in the meanwhile, or, at least this time, I want to use this post to inform about these changes:

David Esperalta

Hello to all,

Again, I want to post here some changes and enhancements in the "alpha" release of the new DecSoft App Builder. I want to use new posts in the future, but in the meanwhile, or, at least this time, I want to use this post to inform about these changes:

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