HTML Compiler: Need to click 2 times on exe file to get it started

Jan van den Hogen
When I compile an .EXE, the first time I doubleclick nothing happens, the second time the .EXE starts, but after closing down the EXE, there's still running a MyProject.Exe (or whatever) as a background process. Only way to close it is to start task manager and manually remove the exe from the list by terminating it. I'm using WIN10 64 bits. Does anybody have the same problem, or is it somewthing specifically when using 64 bit WIN 10?

David Esperalta

Hello Jan,

It's possible to provide me the HTML app to try it here? Or maybe the compiled executable? You can send it to me using my E-Mail address (I supose you know it, if not, please, tell me and I will inform to you). I can't reproduce the problem here using Windows 10 64 bits too. Are you try with the samples? The problem is reproducible? Or only occur in some specific executable?

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