A mini chat sample

Asley Cruz
Hi David,
Is there a way o sample to include a mini chat in our apps ?

Options with select user name, a little avatar.
Hope to find a positive answer :)
Many thanks bro

Graphic & Web Designer

David Esperalta

Hello Asley,

There is nothing like a "mini" chat... in the sense than a "chat" is not something "mini" or "easy"... The best way to implement a chat, in my experience, is by using the control WebSocket. Unfortunately, a websocket server is something that cannot be implemented in a shared hosting, for example: we need a dedicated server in order to install something like a websocket server.

A websocket server allows not only to implement a "mini" chat, but, something more complete, similar to Whatsapp, we can know if an user is online or offline, if an user is typing, etc. If you can't install a websocket server, then may you can investigate another possible ways to implement a chat. The "Pusher" control (who uses certain thirdparty service) can be a good start point.

Some possible PHP or other server's side solutions can work too... or maybe some possible thirdparty Javascript (client side) or thirdparty server's side solution. even when nothing (in my experience) can be compared to a websocket server and the Websocket control.

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