HTML Compiler: appShellExec question

Bryce Beattie
Do you think you might ever be able to build in a way for the appShellExec function to either wait until the command called is done executing or maybe buffer and send back any text generated to stdout (or whatever windows calls it) by the command that was run by appShellExec?

David Esperalta

Hello Bryce,

Please, upgrade your HTML Compiler. Two new external Javascript functions has been added: one in order to execute a program and wait until their finish, and, another one to execute a program and get their output or result.

Take a look also at the new "Execute" app sample, which uses the referred added functions.

Here is a bit more information.

I hope this can be useful for you and other users of DecSoft HTML Compiler.

Bryce Beattie
David, you're amazing. Thanks.

David Esperalta

Thanks for your kindly words Bryce!

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