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If you want to create modern desktop and mobile applications then you're in the right place! App Builder is a complete visual development environment for Microsoft Windows that allow us to create, with or without programming skills, HTML5 apps, WebApps, Progressive WebApps, WebExtensions and Hybrid apps for both mobile and desktop.

Visual actions

You don't need to know Javascript to create applications with App Builder. The App Builder's script language are based in hundreds of visual actions that you can simply put in the place that you need to be executed.

Visual designer

App Builder provide us dozens of visual and non visual controls ready to be placed in the application's designer. Simply drag and drop the control that you need into the designer and then place it where you wanted.

Contextual help

App Builder is intented to be easy to use, however, they include a complete help file that describes all the availables control and actions, as well some specific tutorials.

More than apps

App Builder prepares for you the required stuff to deploy your applications as WebApps and Progressive WebApps. App Builder also allows you to develop WebExtensions for the modern browsers.

Hello world!

Take a look at what you can do with App Builder in just ten seconds! The below video shown the traditional "Hello world!" application, that, in the App Builder case, only take 10 seconds to be created and running!

Many themes

App Builder include by default 36 different themes that we can use from our apps. We can choose one or more of the themes to be included, and, change it in designtime and also in runtime just using one action.

Many samples

App Builder include 175 examples that touch almost all the visual actions and lot of other fields. Play with the samples, learn how to use the visual actions and many other things like controls, plugins and more.


The App Builder's applications can be extended using Javascript in addition to the visual actions provided by the program. Also it's possible to use App Builder's Javascript plugins and Apache Cordova plugins.

Apache Cordova

App Builder is integrated with Apache Cordova and their plugins and prepare for you the appropiate icons and splash screens, configuration files, signing files and batch and shell scripts in order to run, debug and release our apps quickly.

CLI support

App Builder include a command line compiler in addition with the visual environment. In this way we can compile our applications from the command line, simply and fast.

Features DecSoft's App Builder
Create HTML5 apps
(All modern browsers)
Create Hybrid apps
(All Apache Cordova platforms)
Create Web apps
(Firefox OS and others)
Create Progressive Web apps
(All modern browsers)
Create WebExtensions
(All modern browsers)
Config file for Apache Cordova
(All Apache Cordova platforms)
Batch files for Windows
(All Apache Cordova platforms)
Shell files for UNIX
(Apache Cordova iOS and Electron)
Icons for Apache Cordova
(All Apache Cordova platforms)
Splashs for Apache Cordova
(All Apache Cordova platforms)
Build config for Apache Cordova
(All Apache Cordova platforms)


The App Builder IDE is fully customizable. You can set every toolbar and every dock panel in every place in the IDE window, as well to prepare different layouts with the dock panels to be reused when you wanted.


The App Builder IDE is currently available in english, french, spanish and brazilian portuguese, and, is ready to be translated to any other (LTR) language, in fact, App Builder include a complete program that allows to translate the IDE into other languages.


The App Builder created apps want to be accessible for all people, also for people who need some kind of assistive technologies like an screen reader software. By default our apps have a base of accessibility and we can enhance it using the provided stuff.

Without limits

Forget "warez" and pirate releases. App Builder do not have any limitation in time nor characteristics in their demo version. You can always try the very latest release of App Builder, and, if they are useful for you, then purchase it.


One of amazing feature of DecSoft's App Builder apps is that can run, with one code base, in almost all the platforms. DecSoft's App Builder creates HTML5 apps, Progressive Web Apps and WebExtensions, ready to be deployed, without any other dependency, in all the modern mobile and desktop browsers.

Additionally, thanks to the App Builder integration with Apache Cordova, our apps can be also deployed in platforms like Android, iOS, Windows 10 and others. All with one code base!

Android apps with DecSoft's App Builder

You may already know that DecSoft's App Builder creates HTML 5 apps, WebApps, Progressive WebApps and WebExtensions, all of these, without any other dependency, that is, using only DecSoft's App Builder...

iOS apps with DecSoft's App Builder

In this other blog entry we will learn about what we need in order to prepare the appropriate environment for our apps to be run in the iOS platform. That is, what hardware and sofware we need in order to get the best results as possible...

Windows apps with DecSoft's App Builder

Yes; the Windows platform is also quite interesting and with DecSoft App Builder and the help of Apache Cordova and Visual Studio, it's possible to create Windows Universal Platform apps from our AB apps. Press here to read more about this.

Do you want to try the new generation of DecSoft App Builder? Feel free to do it! And remember, if you purchase a license of the current DecSoft App Builder, you get also a license of the new DecSoft App Builder.

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[...] your work is very helpful! you seem to be the most proactive plugin developer for VisualNeo there is. I hope you will continue to develop as every time you release one it means VisualNeo gets more powerful.