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Limitation in App Builder?

I am evaluating App Builder for use in a beginning Android app development course and have run into an early issue.  I am unable to find a way to set the value of a control (I've tried a label and textbox) using your simplified coding interface.  Is this a built in limitation of unregistered version?

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Re: Limitation in App Builder?

Hello morgano,

Thanks for posting and your interest in my work at App Builder. The trial version of the program don't have any limitation like you mentioned.

We must play with the control's variables in order to set their Value, Text, and many other properties/variables.

For example, to change a "Label1" control Text and a "Input1" Value we can use the "SetVar" action in this way:

SetVar "[Label1.Text]" "New label text!" "String"

SetVar "[Input1.Value]" "New input value!" "String"

I upload an small application sample for you here: SetControlVar.zip

You can learn more about controls and variables here in the program's online help.

If you have any further question don't hesitate to post it here or in another forum's thread.

Again thanks for your interest morgano.


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