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Image Aspect Ratio

Perhaps I am using the wrong control.  I am using the image control, how can I make it so that the image does not lose its aspect but will fit into the box without distrortion.   Also is a zoom feature available?


Added later....

Since compiling and installing the app I noticed that the pictures look ok.  When just debugging the app in windows the size of the app changes and things look odd but when actually installed they look fine.  Please ignore this question until I have done some more investigation on this with different size images,

I also noted that the zoom is part of the app itself rather than the images so there you go on that.


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Re: Image Aspect Ratio

Hello Donald,

Sorry the delay, I expend the day in the hospital with my mom. Certainly there is no option currently to made an image "fixed", that is, if you choose the "scaled" app's option, then all the control try to scale, also the Image controls. Currently the only way to maintain the image in a fixed size is to avoid the "scaled" app's option, or, may we can use it, and then, un runtime, use certain CSS classes or actions like "SetStyle" in order to maintain the size of our Image controls or may provide it with a more appropiate images for larger screens, for example. About the zoom feature, yes, it's the application who have an option like that, not the current Image controls.


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