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Unique Concept

I must admit as I have not seen this before, but having a forum webpage index viewed through the browser as part of your AppBuilder program is a very nice concept.  A great way to easily view the current information and be indirect contact (practically) with the creator of the program is a good thing in my opinion.  It is certainly better than opening to a blank screen.    Kudos David.

Perhaps you are already doing so but if you could post new releases here also in red or something that would stand out that would be helpful too.  Just a thought.


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Re: Unique Concept

Hello Donald,

Thanks. Various programs I can remember uses something like that. The App Builder Welcome page is mainly based in the Delphi Welcome page. As you know App Builder is developed with Delphi and I am a Delphi user from years ago, so, I think the Welcome page is useful for App Builder so I add to it.

I am thinking to use this forum for announces, etc., so the topics can appear into the App Builder's Welcome page.

Thanks again! smile


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