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PDF file reader

Hi David,

This is my second question, a follow to my first. But first of all I would like to thank you for this awesome software... Actually, I am not a coder, I am learning how to code but its very impossible for me because of the limited time.

Anyway, as I try to use the appbuilder, I am still stick with the events and actions.. How to use this one. Yes, there is a HELP section, but I am really confused where to start. Sorry for being ignorant for this. I just wanted to learn to use your stuff.

Regarding with the pdf reader... I just would like to ask where do I start.

How can I upload or embed my pdf file so that those who will download my app can read it?

Thanks for taking time..




when I try to use your sample app and try to debug and run.. there is no preview that is showing and also an error occur that audio and external has something wrong..

please help..

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Re: PDF file reader


I am not sure, but, if you have an "Audio" related proble, look at this thread: you must upgrade Internet Explorer to their 11 version.

There is a "PDFViewer" sample included in App Builder, can you see that sample working or you have the "Audio" problem? If you look at the app's File Manager (of the "PDFViewer" sample) you can see a folder is included.

Inside that folder (you can see the folder aside the "PDFViewer.ab" file) you can see a "web" subdirectory and inside this the "sample.pdf" used by the application sample.

You can include another file or files in that folder, or just use a remote PDF file and then indicate their URL. In the "PDFViewer" sample "Load PDF" button you can see this code in their Click event:

SetVar "[IFrame1.Url]" "app/files/pdfjs/web/viewer.html?file=sample.pdf" "String"

As you can see the "file=" argument in the "viewer.html" URL is relative to the refered "web" subdirectory, so, we can set the "file" argument to "sample.pdf" in order to shown the sample PDF file included.

You can also indicate here another PDF file (included in the same "web" directory) or an URL of a remote PDF file, so the "viewer.html" can load it.


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