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#1 2017-05-15 21:49:44

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Augmented Reality with AP and Vuforia


AB it is incredible, I am learning a lot since the very first APP I did.
Now I am trying to create an Augmented Reality APP made with AB and the cordova plugin for Vuforia Framework. One of the most important framework for creating VR APPS.

Please, see more info at this link:

I have created a "first stage beta APP", just to see how it works, but I really do not know what I am doing wrong, because I cannot initialize the camera for recognize.

I have found a functional example for phonegap, but I could not integrate with AB. … ia-example

I will do my best to have a functional example and share with all of you... I think this will add a very nice functionality to AB for creating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality APPs. Does any one of you any idea or suggestion about how to integrate this cordova plug-in into AB?

Thank you so much!!!


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Re: Augmented Reality with AP and Vuforia

Hello Eduardo,

After take a look at the plugin's Github page, apparently there is nothing special in the plugin in order to use it in our applications: we just must use the provided Javascript's methods or functions in order to deal with it, always following the plugin's documentation.

First of all, I modify a bit your attached AB project, in order to perform two things:

1º Be sure we start the plugin in the app's Ready event and not the view's Show event, because commonly we need to wait for the app's Ready event in order to deal with Cordova's plugins.

2º As you can see in the app's Ready event I'll check if the plugin is installed or not, and, do not continue if they are not installed.

3º I add the Cordova's Dialog plugin in order to be ready to use: if this plugin is not ready the Javascript's "alert" functions do not work as expected once the application is compiled for Android.

Please, download the modified sample from here and tell me if they can help you in something:

On the other hand, I am not sure if anybody can try with this stuff without having an special hardware device or something like that. If we no need any device, maybe me and others can try with the sample too.


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