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Various questions about Checkboxes, Radio buttons and more...

I have no knowledge in coding except for visual basic.

Question 1:

Trying to figure out this.

IfEx [Checkbox1.Checked && Checkbox1.Checked == True]
ReplaceView "View3"
ReplaceView "View2"

Question 2:

i cannot find radio button option


IfEx [radio1.checked]...

Question 3

I want to create a e-book apps, a content page, a selection of topic page and content.

I want to add text / html content when checkbox is check.

If "A.html" has this content "I have an apple", "B.html"  -> "I have banana" & "C.html" -> "I have a car"

If there is 3 checkbox. no.1 and 2 checkbox is clicked, it will have content added and shown on a scrollable text box,

i have an apple 
I have banana

can i do that?


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Re: Various questions about Checkboxes, Radio buttons and more...

Hello jackfood,

First of all "hello" and thanks for your interest in my work. Certainly you put too many questions in the same thread. In order to maintain the forum as well as possible you must separate your questions in different threads. Do it the next time, ok? Also remember to use the appropiate forum's BBCODE tags if you place some code. And please write descriptives thread's titles!

Now about your questions:

1º Your code is wrong. Please take a look at the program's help file in order to look how to use the "If" and "IfEx" actions.

2º Please take a look at the "Radio" application sample.

3º I can't figure out what exactly is the problem. Please reduce your questions to particular problems in order to get a better help. Where is "A.html" and the other files? You need to read it? Anyway, take a look at the "CheckBox" application sample.

Hope this information can help you in someway. Please don't hesitate to post here (or in a new forum's thread) if you need further help. And please, remember to buy one or more licenses of App Builder if the program is useful for you: that's the way to maintain the project updated and well supported.

Thanks in advance jackfood!


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