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Possible actions to access a local SQLite database storage

About the development of mobile apps,do exist in app builder specific actions (ABScript for instance or other way) to access and update a local db like sqllite ?

tanks in advance


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Re: Possible actions to access a local SQLite database storage

Hello frecciag50,

We touch this topic before in the forum, so please, carefully read these forum's threads:

http://www.davidesperalta.com/support/v … php?id=187

http://www.davidesperalta.com/support/v … php?id=175

http://www.davidesperalta.com/support/v … php?id=146

App Builder doesn't include a way "out-of-the-box" to connect to SQLite databases, just because something like that is not possible in an standarized way. If we plain to use Cordova then the "Files" plugin is available in addition with the "FileRead" and "FileWrite" actions. Using this we can write and read data from a text file. The "Database" sample also to us we can use a remote database (in the sample a MySQL database, but in fact they can be any other kind of database).

If you can found a way to connect with SQLite databases using Javascript (for example, this project appear to take in consideration) then you can try it from App Builder, since, as you know, we can use external Javascript files and code in any part of our applications. If you need some help in this part or you have any further question about this, please, don't hesitate to post it here and I will try to help you as well as possible.


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