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Properly usage of the DateGet and DateSet actions

hello David

what goes wrong with this code, because result isn't correct

NewDate "" "" "[CurrDate]"

DateGet "[CurrDate]" "year" "[SelectedYear]"

DateGet "[CurrDate]" "month" "[SelectedMonth]"

DateGet "[CurrDate]" "day" "[SelectedDay]"

AlertBox "[CurrDate] != [SelectedDay]/[SelectedMonth]/[SelectedDay]" "primary"


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Re: Properly usage of the DateGet and DateSet actions

Hello andy,

Yes; In fact the DateGet and DateSet actions have a couple of mistakes in their help references. Basically we must use "date" instead "day" and expect (or set) the month in a range from 0 to 11. This is now refered in the actions' helps in order to avoid your problem. So the code that works as you expected is like the below one:

NewDate "" "" "[CurrDate]"

DateGet "[CurrDate]" "year" "[SelectedYear]"

DateGet "[CurrDate]" "month" "[SelectedMonth]"

Math "[SelectedMonth] + 1" "[SelectedMonth]"

DateGet "[CurrDate]" "date" "[SelectedDay]"

AlertBox "[CurrDate] = [SelectedYear]/[SelectedMonth]/[SelectedDay]" "primary"

App Builder is now updated in order to fix the refered actions' help in addition to other changes, fixes and enhancements. Thanks again for the report andy.


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