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HTML Compiler - Some problems when have lots of bookmarks

HI! if i compile HTML with bookmarks and the quantity of the vertical bookmarks is a lot of, compiler do not show the vertical bookmarks under last in the screen (bottom of the screen), i hope i can explain, sorry fo my bad english, just convert HTML with a lot of verical bookmarks, much more suitable to the screen///

We need Scrolling the mouse wheel to the lowermost vertical bookmark element in the menu///

plzzz help///


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Re: HTML Compiler - Some problems when have lots of bookmarks

Hello vu,

Firstly thanks for your interest in my work at HTML Compiler. I am sorry, but, I think you must provide some little sample in order to try it here. I am not completely sure if understand what you means. So please, feel free to use the Attachments section in this forum and upload to your account a zip file with some little "index.html" sample. Then simply copy here the link in order to download the sample and try it by myself.

P.S. Alternatively may you can also provide some kind of video or GIF image in order to see what happend.


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