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MediaPlayer - streaming video support?

Hello David,
does the MediaPlayer control support streming video i.e. on video on deand solutions?
Thanks for your answer,


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Re: MediaPlayer - streaming video support?

Hello Walter,

Firstly I need to say that I have not experience in this aspect. I try with an RTMP URL and they do not work, apparently this format is not supported by HTML5. For the Media Player component I use the fantastic Videogular player, which have certain plugin to deal with "Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)".

Apparently the DASH MPD files are similar to RTMP but the browser support for DASH is very, very limited at this time. Maybe we can use some Flash player or something, but for sure we enter in possible lack of support for Flash in various platforms, then probably we can't do nothing about at this time Walter... I am sorry.

Anyway I am investigating about the Dash plugin for Videogular: maybe we can add it at least as an option.


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