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[SOLVED] Setting the Html control's content

Hello David,
By chance, I noticed that the sample provided in the Help file for HtmlContent is no more working

SimpleGet "http://www.yourappserver.com/getsomething" "[MyHtmlContent.Html]"

I have tried with a new app (attached). It seems that we have lost the "direct injection" but it still works using a Variable set to be the content of the control.

Or perhaps is it just me ? I can not see it in the Variable's selector (Controls), too.
For information only

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Re: [SOLVED] Setting the Html control's content

Hello Samuel,

Yes; I think this is some "old record" in the help file from lots of releases a go. Thanks because I fix it and the next AB release clarify the things. The HTML Content control does not provide an "HTML" variable for us in runtime, only in designtime. Inside that variable we can put one or more others, then the SimpleGet action works in this manner, for example:

SimpleGet "http://www.yourappserver.com/getsomething" "[MyHtmlContentVar]"

If "[MyHtmlContentVar]" is used in the HTML Content control, then they are updated accordingly with the result of the SimpleGet action.


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