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PDF flip app reader

Hi to all...

I have this simple idea.. can anyone share with me what plugin to use in order to create an ebook android that can be flipped like a real book. I have seen many applications like that on the appstore.. I am a teacher and I want to create a handout for my students..So I think its good to use this kind of app.

Can anyone help me do this one? What tools to use? How should I start with appbuilder? I saw the file manager in the appbuilder menu, but it doesnt really work as I wanted.



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Re: PDF flip app reader

Hi lloydnec,

There are many ways to achieve flip reader, one of them is to use cordova plugin document viewer which can be find at https://github.com/sitewaerts/cordova-p … ent-viewer

Another way is to use pdf converter to android, iOS ereader.

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Re: PDF flip app reader

Hello to all,

In fact we no need a Cordova's plugin to shown PDF documents, like we can see in the "PDFViewer" app sample included in App Builder, who uses certain Mozilla stuff to do the job. But something like the OP is totally different than show a PDF document. Maybe he can find some Cordova plugin, or create (something which is possible) a new one, or find some HTML5 stuff to do something similar thant he wanted.


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