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Information about the NeoPlugin npInfo

Hello to all,

The npInfo plugin put available for you more than 400 PC information variables. Using just one action you can retrieve one or more of this variables, from APM, BIOS, Colors, CPU, FileInfo, Folders, Identification, Keyboard, Memory, Metrics, OS, Screen, System and other Miscellaneous categories.

The plugin is very speedy and not waste to much system resources, because dont retrieve more than the variables that you want and just when you want. Also you can use this plugin to get all available PC information into a file, like a PC information report that you can use in various ways, just using only one action too.

Additionally the npInfo plugin allow us to execute system WQL queries to retrieve more information about the system using the WMI technology. You can execute more or less complex WQL queries in order to retreive lot of information about the system directly in NeoBook's variables ready to be used by your application.

Press here to get more information and download the NeoPlugin npInfo!



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