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Information about the NeoPlugin npImgs

Hello to all,

This plugin contain useful images related actions and can work with up to 23 differents image input formats up to 18 image output formats. For example, you can convert images from any of the supported input formats to any of the supported output formats.

The plugin also contain others images related actions, like for example one that can apply to any supported input image format one or more of up to 40 different image filters. Also have actions to resize images, scale images, put images watermarks and more. All without need any external application or DLLs.

npImgs also allow you to read/write and strip the JPG IPTC data of a JPG image file. And have actions to read/write and strip JPG EXIF data of JPG images files too. For the other hand is possible to find, get and set the EXIF thumbnail image of JPG image files.

Press here to get more information and download the NeoPlugin npImgs!



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