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Information about the NeoPlugin npGrid

Hello to all,

This plugin provide to your publications an fully customizable string grid control. They support multilined and merged headers, smooth scrolling, customizable colors like header light color, header dark color, header color, grid color, alternate color, text color, etc.

Each grid column can be hidden and have its own horizontal and vertical alignment, color and font. The plugin also provide dozens of events that you can use to personalize the grid, filter and validate their data, etc. And of course you can manage more than one grid objects at a time.

The grid object can copy, cut and paste data from/to clipboard. The plugin have the appropiate actions to insert and delete rows, get the total columns and rows, get or set the cells values, etc, and provide actions to update the grid objects content without screen flickers, and more.

Press here to get more information and download the NeoPlugin npGrid!



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