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[not urgent and not important] Actions toolbar sorting

Hello David,

Wow, I am very impressed by the new Typeahead Input.

But as I go further in App Builder (really great IDE), I would like to ask for an evolution : could you please make the Actions toolbar sorting alphabetically ? I am often lost while looking for the right action to insert. Or perhaps is there a reason for that not to be sorted that I have not understood ?

This request is not urgent and not important at all as I guess I will learn all the actions soon.




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Re: [not urgent and not important] Actions toolbar sorting

Hello Samuel,

Thanks for your comments. Glad to know you are updated with the Typeahead input control. About the Tools and Actions panels, you know the first App Builder releases do not allow us to filter them. Filter is something important due to the number of Tools and Actions. I think the best way to find for Tools and Actions is to use the filter feature.

On the other hand you are right: the Tools and Actions panels do not appear sorted alfabetically and I also think this can be useful. I need to think a little about but I promise that, at least I want to try with a possible solution.


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