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#1 2016-09-19 18:42:29

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Angular2 is comming, can be this used in App Builder?


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Re: Angular2 is comming, can be this used in App Builder?

Hello tin,

Angular2 is not ready right now. Their documentation, for example, doesn't include Javascript. On the other hand, talking about Angular2 is talking about big words, since they are NOT compatible with Angular 1. But Angular 1 continues with a good support (Google said that) so probably we no need to worry about tin.

App Builder uses AngularJS due to their binding and route features. Of course other framework's stuff are used too, but, what I say is that the AngularJS 1 binding and route features are enough and we no need to move forward to another framework, because in fact Angular2 is another framework, as I said before, non compatible with Angular 1.

This means App Builder never uses Angular 2? Not exactly. This means that if we need to move to another framework (?) we can choose Angular 2, but also other availables "binding" and "route" Javascript frameworks. Right now any of them, however, are compatibles with AngularJS, which means any move forward break the backward compatibility.

Hope this information can be useful for you tin!


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