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Welcome to this forum's section!

Hello to all!

Here in this forum's section you can place and can find developed App Builder's Javascript plugins shared to the program's community. If you want to create new App Builder's Javascript plugins this tutorial is available. Also you can use the forum's attachment manager to zip your plugin's files and upload it.

Please, try to following these little rules in order to post in this forum's section:

1º Be descriptive with the thread's title. Your plugin name must appear, and a little words to describe it. Just like in "My Cute Plugin - A cute plugin to do these and these other things".

2º Describe your plugin in more deep inside the new post. Comment about the plugin, their dependencies (if any), if you provide some example, if the plugin includes a contextual help, etc.

3º Don't use this forum to ask about plugins or whatever other thing. For that feel free to use the App Builder general forum's section. Here only plugins must be published.

That's all!

Hope you found this forum's section useful!

Thanks for comming!


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