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How do I make a image control not stretch and stay left justified

As the subject states, I have an app that has a top logo.  Either I create multiple versions for multiple breakpoints or I simply left justify the logo and not have it stretch.

What is the best way to do this for a responsive app?

Can you set breakpoints in app builder?



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Re: How do I make a image control not stretch and stay left justified

Hello Mike,

If you set the with or height of an Image control (using the "SetStyle" action or certain CSS code) then such Image control does not scale anymore along the application. We can act here in several ways, for example, we can take care about the "Resize" app's event. Or may just use certain CSS to deal with the image. For example, in this forum's thread we can view a bit of CSS code to maintain certain Image control centered and aligned in the screen.

About "breakpoints", I am not sure what you means, since we are not talking about debugging here. But maybe you are talking about something like the CSS Media Queries? Certainly there is another possible way to control our application for various screen sizes. CSS Media Queries are powerful and offer lot of posibilities, just take a look at the bellow Mozilla MDN article:

https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/doc … ia_queries

P.S. Take also a look at the Images sample that is included with the App Builder installation.


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