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about Custom Cordova Plugin and core Cordova Plugin

what is the difference between (App->App options->cordova->General,plugins  and custom plugins)  and (App->App options->plugins)

...that confuse me

do i have to install the custom plugins before i can use it in project(Program Options->Plugins)? and so do the core cordova plugins like Files,Device,Dialogs....?



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Re: about Custom Cordova Plugin and core Cordova Plugin

Hello reg4app,

Yes; App Builder includes "out of the box" the ability to use certain Apache Cordova's plugins in our applications: Barcode, Files, Location, Browser... we can use these and more Cordova's plugins "out of the box" with the controls and actions provided by App Builder.

Additionally, we can also use the Javascript API for non included Apache Cordova's plugins. And for this the "custom plugins" editbox appear, because we must specify the appropiate plugins IDs to be required in addition to use the plugins provided Javascript API in our apps.

Take a look at this help topic

On the other hand, App Builder have their own plugins system, which allow thirdparty authors to write Javascript plugins for App Builder, following certain implementation conventions. These thirdparty plugins can add one or more app actions, and use, if needed, certain Apache Cordova's plugins too.

Take a look at this help topic

In this last case we can activate and deactivate plugins from the program's options. And then, every application can choose one or more App Builder plugins to be used, from the available ones. Some App Builder's Javascript plugins are already included, as well certain "Template" plugin to be used by thirdparty authors.

Hope this can help you in some way, reg4app. If you have any further question, don't hesitate to post it here.


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