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linking 3rd android and iOS libs

I am new to AppBuilder and tried some very basic stuff and seems to be working good.

I was able to use it to generate a project and saved as Cordova project, then use Cordova and got it to run on both Android and iOS emulators without any problems.

I am wondering how easy it is to link some 3rd party lib/functions in AppBuilder. I have a 3rd library with a *.java and *.so files for Android. If so, how do I do that?

Same question for iOS 3rd party lib, the vendor supplies the *.h and *.a files for Xcode compilation.


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Re: linking 3rd android and iOS libs


Thanks for your interest in my work at App Builder. Certainly the way we can use such kind of stuff from our App Builder's applications is to use Apache Cordova Plugins. Lot of plugins are already available and also we can create new plugins (following this guide) in order to be used in our own applications. As you can read below...

Plugins are an integral part of the cordova ecosystem. They provide an interface for Cordova and native components to communicate with each other and bindings to standard device APIs. This enables you to invoke native code from JavaScript.

Once we have a Javascript API (the provided by a Cordova's plugin) we can use it from App Builder. Take a look at the "CordovaPlugins" sample to view how we can use Cordova's plugin not yet included in App Builder "out of the box", like other plugins already included and ready to use.


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