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Labels Text in Design mode

Sometimes I want to use white text in a label while others are black.  How can I change my settings so that my labels have a gray background  in design mode so I can see my text.

I looked at program options but do not see where I set label or control font colors in design mode only.

This is not a big issue but was wondering if I am missing anything.  Any thoughts on this?


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Re: Labels Text in Design mode

Hello Donald,

This have a long story behind. The initial App Builder releases based their designtime controls in the Microsoft Windows WebBrowser control. In that days every control in the designer are in fact a WebBrowser control which in fact reflect more or less well the final result. Unfortunatelly, the usage of the WebBrowser control have a great impact in the program behaviour, like you can see in the below video:


In order to get an IDE really faster and don't worry if our applications have two or twelve views, dozens of hundreds of controls, I decide to get out the WebBrowser control as the base for the designtime controls. However, I know the current designtime controls can probably be enhanced. This is something I know and therefore I want to deal with it in the future.

Hope this can help you in some way. smile


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