Use SQLite Cordova plugin in AB

Michael Adesegun

Hi David,

Can we use Database DSqlite plugin of Apache Cordova to manipulate data in AB?



David Esperalta

Hello Michael,

In principle, we can use any Apache Cordova plugin in our apps. What an Apache Cordova plugin offer to us is a Javascript API, so, we must refer to the plugin's documentation and samples, and finally use the provided Javascript API to get the things working. There are various sample apps that uses Apache Cordova plugins.

You must start prividing the right plugin's ID in the App -> Cordova -> General -> Custom plugins option, or using the App -> Cordova -> Batch -> After, depending on how the plugin must be installed: commonly the first option (specify the plugin's ID) is enough.

So you can start to try it, Michael, and, if find some specific problem or get stuck in something, ask here for help.

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