Send auto message to all phone contact?

Michael Adesegun
Hi David, I needed to be able to send a Sales info/ download link to all my phone contact, any idea to get this done? Thanks always

David Esperalta

Hello Michael,

For sure we need an Apache Cordova to do that. Here is the official one, but, no more supported by Apache Cordova, even when the documentation said we can continue use the plugin. May you can try this plugin... or try to search some other possible alternative, but, if I am not wrong, this is a task for an Apache Cordova plugin.

I never use such plugin, but, probably you can get the contacts' emails, so you can send emails to it. If you want to use their phone numbers, then you must use another Cordova plugin capable to send SMS to that numbers, so in both cases (emails or SMS) you can include the link that you need in the message body.

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