Problem using HTML control and Other Control on Same Page

Michael Adesegun
Hi David, Am having issues on using HTML control alongside other control like button on same page. When I previewed the project the HTML control took over the entire page showing the website on full page and I can't find the Button during the preview, When I stop the RUN, both controls show again. What do I need to do? What I want to do is display a mobile web app with AB page, and be able to use more control of AB. best regards Michael

David Esperalta

Hello Michael,

If I understand well, what can happen is that the contents of the HTML control exceeds the control height, so, it's placed out of the control, causing that other controls below the HTML control don't appear as expected. If this is what happen, the solution is to use an "overflow-y" CSS rule (set it to "auto") for the HTML control, so their contents are shown using a scroll if needed, but, never exceeds the control height.

Take a look at the below sample app, copy the code and save it into a "MyApp.ab" file, for example:

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