forEach method in Internet Explorer 11

Bryce Beattie

In the Project Options -> Behavior tab, I have "Hide javascript errors to the user" unchecked to help with debugging. When I run the compiled file, I get an error popup. That popup gives me a line and a Char position, but no file.

Furthermore, I have gone through every javascript file loaded by my index.html file, and none of them have a forEach statement on line 66. Any ideas as to where I should look to track down the problem?


Hello Bryce,

Apparently some kind of errors (like the below) are not supressed by the "Hide user errors" options. The point is that that code must be in your app, maybe in a thirdparty library... and the problem is that IE 11 do not support the "forEach" method.

Here is a polyfill that may can do the job, so, you must try to add the below Javascript code in your app, in order to add the "forEarch" method:


I hope the above can be useful for you, Bryce.

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