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I just using App Builder demo to test its functionality!
But the problem is I cannot find anything about scripting language of app builder!
For example to make a fullscreen windows app, I just add "[App.Fullscreen] = true" to my view code but its not working!
where can I find the help for App Builder scripting language syntax ?
and also how can I make a fullscreen apps ?

There is another problem which is when I run Batch files generated by appbuilder, cordova just tells :"Error: You must specify an architecture to include the proper ZXing library version.
Use 'cordova run windows -- --arch="x64"' or 'cordova run windows -- --arch="arm" --phone --device' for example."

Cannot find anything in settings sad should I edit Batch files manually ?

and this is another problem :

The following navigation rule had an invalid URI scheme and will be ignored: "*".
The following image was skipped because it has an unsupported size (undefinedxundefined): res/icon.png
MSBuild v4.0 is not supported, aborting.
Error: AppPackages doesn't exists

Thanks a lot smile

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