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I have no knowledge in coding except for visual basic.

Question 1:

Trying to figure out this.

IfEx [Checkbox1.Checked && Checkbox1.Checked == True]
ReplaceView "View3"
ReplaceView "View2"

Question 2:

i cannot find radio button option


IfEx [radio1.checked]...

Question 3

I want to create a e-book apps, a content page, a selection of topic page and content.

I want to add text / html content when checkbox is check.

If "A.html" has this content "I have an apple", "B.html"  -> "I have banana" & "C.html" -> "I have a car"

If there is 3 checkbox. no.1 and 2 checkbox is clicked, it will have content added and shown on a scrollable text box,

i have an apple 
I have banana

can i do that?

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