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Thank you for the very speedy response.

That is a shame that not all bootstrap components are readily available.
Is there a recommended way to create an app bar like the one I suggested (for example buttons to the right of screen and logo on the left) without having to hack away a lot of custom CSS?

#2 Topics related with App Builder » Bootstrap Rows and Columns » 2016-09-12 08:04:29

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I am evaluating AppBuilder and I am very happy with what I see, it truely is a great tool.
My only question is I cannot figure out how to perform layout with Rows and Columns provided by Bootstrap.
I am specifically looking to want to design a webapp with AppBuilder if it can do what I want.

I have create a Row/Column layout with the HTML Control but I cannot seem to "embed" any components in it.
Is there a way to have a layout like this and still use the WYSIWYG designer, specifically I am trying to create an app bar with buttons right aligned and logo left aligned and have found Columns the best way to achieve this.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated during my evaluation.

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