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Thank you David and Samuel,
I Think I did not express myself correctly. Sorry for that.
My App Builder application is connecting to a Remote web application made with GO.
So all database stuff are done on the server side.
This is my concern:
I need to have a protected area on my website, so only people you login  could see that page.
If some one ask for that page I should be able to check if he is a registered user prior to let him continue.
I was under the impression that using global variable on the login page could allow me to achieve this task.
Am I wrong ?
Is App builder the right tool for that ?

Thank you so much for your prompt reply.


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I would like to know how other members here are dealing with web application protection.
I am developing a small web application with App Builder.
I need to have a login screen where users will enter their user names and passwords.
Validation process is handled by a web service.
From App Bulder I need to set a global variable ( like a session variable).

SetVar "[MyResponse]" "[NewClient.Response]" "String"

If "[MyResponse]" "==" "NotGood"
  SetVar "[AppMessage.Text]" "Connection refused. Please check your login and password" "String"
  SetVar "[App.Mysession]" "Connected" "String"

Later on the next page I need to check the App.Mysesion to make sure the user is connected.

I am not sure this is the best way with App Builder, it does not work.

Could you please suggest an elegant solution ?

Thank you for your help.


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