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Understood thanks. I must continue to seek other then. You success ...

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I had to use my databases have to be Sqlite. For example, to keep the 30,000 lyrics. But I do not want to use the internet connection. Or I can already use MySQL. However SQLite enough for me. All I want to do the SQLite connections and update-delete-able to make the insert operation.
Now I've ever done in the investigation, it was the only thing I do in appbuild application. You the one that I want, I can do it one page, for example, do you have information?
SQLite subject was a dejavantaj. Camera, barcode and other features also want to buy the license if it works flawlessly. However, this database work missed all my enthusiasm.

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I'm testing program is 15-20 days. Not a problem getting License. I'm looking for the other programs of the actions of a few lines (such as SQLite), I have my appbuild is unable to.
A lot of things I can do very cozy. However, I can not do the things that are simple for most programs.
applications should work without the Internet also need to think. MySQL and without php in database operations should be able to do.
At least, how SQLite connection with Javascript would not work if you had told a lot of people on a page.
Thank you....

#4 Re: Topics related with App Builder » sqlite javascript » 2016-04-19 11:08:10

I've just come to the SQLite-JavaScript links because i Appbuild release point. It does nobody uses SQLite database on disk? I can read the database with Sql.js. However, update, delete, insert can not do the operation. I'm looking for three days. A lot of things written. But the link with the SQLite is provided by the fact that the registration process is made as simple as three to five lines of information written.
Why is everything so complicated? And inadequate help files.
help page of any programming language is not so simple and inadequate.
I am sorry for my English...

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