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David wrote:


I forget to mention various app samples that can be useful here. For example, the "Scaled" app sample can be useful. And also the "Calculator" sample. Take a look at the "About" view of the "Calculator" sample in both "portrait" and "landscape" orientations:



In the above case we don't use any app's event nor action, but just certain CSS media query into the app's "Inline CSS" option:

@media all and (orientation: landscape)
    width: 50%;

The above CSS code is applied only when the orientation is "landscape", and, in this case put the about image at the 50%, reducing in that way the image is scaled and obtaining a better apparence (subject to opinion).

How can I center an image independent orientation?

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FluxBB bbcode test
FluxBB bbcode test

The image logo in resolution 2304px x 753px;
The image is getting flattened.
How to solve the problem?
How do I turn the back button? I made a splash screen so wanted to disable the back button.

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