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@David, there is another platform that you must be aware of you: Basic4Android. They have B4A Bridge Android Application which we need to install on our Android Phone. This Bridge gets connected with the Debugger and then the application runs on SmartPhone device but the debugger shows errors, warnings on PC IDE.

I am not sure how they have built the Bridge Application, but this idea is surely worth to consider if you're thinking of making App Builder as a serious Hybrid App Building platform.

Let me tell you one thing though... testing application this way has a serious impact on phone. If you're developing an App that deals with the core Android Service, it can break the OS of your phone. So, personally I prefer to test application in Simulator and then have a final run on actual device.

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BlueStack is good but it takes up lot of system resources. Plus, it ramdomly popups up a window asking us to download and install their "Friend Company APK files" in order to continue using BlueStack for free OR pay for the paid version to use it without advertising.

If you're familiar with Oracle Virtual Box then there are much better alternatives available for you. But believe me, nothing beats Live Testing; and what it takes really?! Just connect your Android phone to your PC via USB cable, transfer your APK to your SD Card, make sure you allow installation of Apps from "Unknown Sources" in your Android Settings and you're done.

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Interesting to see there is already an option for the Splash Screen in App Builder. I will try it out; and will open a separate thread in Forum if I need your expert guidance. Once again, thanks so much David and taringaso for your help. I'm marking this thread as resolved now.

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Thanks so much taringaso and David for your help. I'm getting familiar with the program now. It's really easy to write programs in App Builder than writing jQuery Mobile based Cordova apps from scratch. Great software David!

Noticed a few more issues when I compiled app to the Cordova Android App. When I installed the Application on my Sony Xperia Z1 and tapped to start the app, a blank White Screen appears for a couple of seconds and then the actual app is started. I see the same sort of latency (a blank screen before app starts) when I used jQuery Mobile and manually compiled Cordova app. I don't see such behavior when I write native Java code and compile to APK file.

Is this latency a normal (or known) thing in hybrid applications?

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thanks; it worked. I made changes in my code and it worked good. However, if I write the code below...

SetVar "Expression" "[txtKM.Value] * 0.62" "Number"
Math "[Expression]" "[txtMiles.Value]"

... the UI is not rendered. Here are the two errors I see...

Error: "Syntax error" - Line: 1203 - Char: 59 - Code: 0 - Url:
Error: "Unable to set property 'Cordova' of undefined or null reference" - Line: 6 - Char: 1 - Code: 0 - Url:

What's wrong? I just wish to understand the fundamentals behind it. Is this because "[txtKM.Value]" is String by default? Does App Builder support variable casting?

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Hello All,

First, pardon me for asking a very very basic question here.

I downloaded App Builder and also went through the example projects; but I'm still struggling to get familiar with the syntax of App Builder. Can someone please point me to the step by step Tutorials? I went through the video tutorials as well.

The things that I am currently struggling with are...
1. How to get the value from Input Text box?
2. How to perform basic mathematical operations?
3. How to set the value back to UI controls?

For the sake of practice, I started writing an app that will convert Kilometer value to Miles. It's a simple mathematical formula (KmValue * 0.62). I have two text boxes and one button "Convert". Trying to learn from the Calculator project, I attempted to write following code:

SetVar "Expression" "[txtKM.Value] * 0.62" "String"
Math "[Expression]" "[txtMiles.Value]"

... on Button's Click event. But it's not working. Where is the code going wrong?

Please let me know so I can get the things right and also learn to write proper App Builder code.

Waiting for your reply...



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