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Sir can you please make a turtora about create that app I mean how to scrool, how to make a connection link from facebook new feed to our app that we make, and some button some kind like Comment or Share....
sir i am really really sorry about my bad English that make you diffecault to understand my meaning.... sorry sir

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I am a newbies for this...
i do realy emberassed to ask this qustion.
but i cant keep it hide anymore, because i realy want to create my own app.
can this software can help me to create my own app? The app that i want to create just some kind like facebook app..
just scroll, slide, commend, and like... the sam function like facebook app but orther style, just like app call "Facebook Home "  in android...
can anyone teach or show me the way how to do that?
sorry for my bad english.
thank you.

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