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App Builder

2018.112 (08/14/2018)

Professional development suite to create, with or without programming skills, HTML5 apps, WebApps, Progressive WebApps, WebExtensions and Hybrid apps for both mobile and desktop.

HTML Compiler

2018.12 (07/18/2018)

HTML Compiler allows you to convert your HTML applications (e-books, presentations, games, put your imagination here!) in executable programs ready to use without any dependency.


2018.7 (08/04/2018) 75% off!

Here you can find the best and largest NeoBook plug-in collection in the world. Get these 59 excellent plug-ins, containing 1137 actions and 235 examples, to improve your NeoBook applications.

Screen GIF

2018.4 (03/01/2018)

Screen GIF allow us to grab and save certain choosed screen area directly and easily like an animated GIF image file ready to be used or shared what you wanted. Click, Click, TA-DA!

Photo Compiler

2018.4 (03/01/2018)

Photo Compiler allows to create attractives, practices and useful galleries with your photos and images and then convert it into executable programs ready to be viewed without any dependency.

Img Converter

2018.4 (03/01/2018)

This program can convert images from up to 23 input formats to up to 18 output formats. To convert them, just drag and drop one or more image files into the program's main window.

Small Editor

2018.4 (03/01/2018)

Small Editor can be used to edit plain text and source code (recognize and highlight dozens of programming languages) lightweight, fast and effective. This website is edited using Small Editor.

Volume Keys

2018.4 (03/01/2018)

Change your speakers volume using whatever keyboard hotkey combinations of your choice. Be informed about the current volume level by the program's visual feedback.

Humm PHP

2018.9 (05/02/2018)

Humm PHP is an open source, lightweight, easy to use and free of charge website manager writen in the PHP language. This right website, for example, is powered by Humm PHP.

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