DecSoft's are very, very proudly to maintain from many, many years ago, the World's best collection of plugins for the NeoBook program. The DecSoft's NeoPlugins add to NeoBook 1136 new actions by a total of 59 plugins, allowing you to enhance your NeoBook's programs in lot of different ways. DecSoft's have NeoPlugins customers all around the world, and they are used in too many personal and professional applications.

The DecSoft's NeoPlugins GUI look like the official NeoSoftware plugins and use the available features in the latest NeoSoftware SDK. All the NeoPlugins have their own contextual help integrated in NeoBook and provide more and, commonly, more than one samples of use.

Yes; certainly here in DecSoft we are very very proudly of our plugins for the NeoBook program, and why not? They are used all around the world in dozens of personal and professional applications helping to our customers to perform lot of different works!

And what is NeoBook?

You are reading here about NeoBook and the DecSoft's NeoPlugins, and maybe you don't know what NeoBook is and if can be useful for you. So what is NeoBook? The NeoBook program is an easy to use visual environment which allows you to create professionals applications (native executables) for Microsoft Windows.

It's very, very easy to use and you can get results from the first minutes. From DecSoft we encourage you to try for free the NeoBook program following this link. If you need to create native applications for Microsoft Windows then NeoBook and the DecSoft's NeoPlugins can be very useful for you.

You can get more information (even the plugin's help files are placed online for your convenience) about the NeoPlugins by following this link. If you have any questions, please, don't hesitate to use the DecSoft's contact form.