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Determine a Tab Index order for our app view's controls are not required, but useful in some cases, like if plain to put various Text input controls to recolect some information from the user. The Tab Index order determine what happend when the user uses the TAB key. The first control to receive the focus when the user press the TAB key is the Tab Index = 1, the second control is the Tab Index = 2, the third control is the Tab Index = 3, etc.

App Builder app view Tab Index order dialog

Use the Tab Index order dialog to determine the Tab Index order of the controls. Just move up and down the controls into the dialog list: the order of the controls in the list must be used as the Tab Index order, then the first control in the list become then the first into the Tab Index order. To reset the state of the Tab Index order press the dialog Reset button. Doing that all the listed controls Tab Index become "-1", which meant we don't worry about their Tab Index order.