DecSoft's App Builder

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App Builder have a Command Line Interface compiler that you can use to compile your apps from the command line and in batch processes. The App Builder CLI compiler are installed in the same directory in which you install App Builder and you can use it from there.

App Builder CLI compiler

The App Builder Command Line Interface compiler is really easy to use. All what you need is execute the compiler passing an app project file (*.ab file) as the first argument. The CLI compiler take all the information needed from the app project file and proceed to compile the app.

App Builder CLI options

The mandatory argument for the App Builder Command Line Interface is the path of our app project file. After that path we can specify also another options like the below ones:

Batch compiler tool

Additionally App Builder offer you an easy way to compile your apps using the CLI compiler. You can use the Menu → Tools → Batch compiler item to automatically create the appropiate BAT file in order to compile your apps using the App Builder CLI compiler.