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You can think in app functions like a good way to reuse pieces of scripts code. You can define whatever number of functions in your apps, everyone with their appropiate arguments, if you need it. App Builder recognize the functions you created and put it into the actions tool bar, in order to be used in the same way than the actions included by App Builder.

App Builder app function's manager

You can write your functions in two variations: App Builder script (which contains App Buider actions) or pure JavaScript. In the first way you can use whatever actions included in App Builder, and, in the second way (for advanced users) you can deal directly with pure JavaScript code. As is refer above, then you can choose whatever of your functions in order to use in whatrever place in your app scripts.

When you create a function, you need to provide a function name, a function description (optional but recommended) and the optional function arguments. App Builder take care about these function definitions and present your the appropiate function's editor when you choose a function from the actions tool bar or when you double clic a function in a script code editor.