DecSoft's App Builder

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App Builder allow us to choose files from our computer in order to be copied along our app when compile it. You can add specific JavaScript and CSS Stylesheet files, which, not only are copied but also linked in the app HTML, in order to put available the JavaScript stuff and CSS style when our app is running.

App Builder app file's manager

Other files category are "Images". You can add images to the app file's manager in order to be available by your app when running. And finally you can add other kind of files, any kind you need, like JSON files, Font files, etc. You can open the app file's manager from the App Builder "App" menu.

The app file's manager show us the file path of the picked files, and also the relative URL which finally we can use in our app. App Builder take care about the files included by the app file's manager, in the sense that every file path is saved relative to the app project file.

For example, if you have a directory named "MyApp" and your app project file is saved in that directory, you can add more files and subdirectories into "MyApp" and then include such files from the app file's manager. Doing this, you can then share your app and app files and use it in another computer, without loss the files/app relation.

Using the Folders tab you can add one or more entire directories under your app "files" folder. Just chose the directories you want to add and, when the application is compiled, such directories and their contents are copied in your compiled app "files" directory "as is".